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Published on August 18th, 2017


2016 Network Campus Cumulative 12 Month Antibiograms

Antibiograms for the network are available online.

To access the antibiograms, you need to go to mynet.slhn.org/infection, click Antibiogram-Micro tab or hover over Tools on MyNet and click Infectious Diseases then the Antibiogram-Micro tab.

The antibiogram represents isolates tested by the Microbiology laboratory in 2016, along with the percentage of antibiotic susceptible strains. Each campus has their specific antibiogram. Data has been reviewed by ID and the Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee. Most susceptibilities remained similar to 2015’s antibiogram data; however, Clindamycin susceptibility has dropped into the 70 percent range, necessitating a recommendation to avoid its use empirically for Staphylococcal coverage.

Please call the Microbiology Supervisor at 484-526-4594 or the Technical Coordinator at 484-526-3889 with any questions or suggestions.

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