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Published on March 28th, 2014


St. Luke’s University Health Network Launches a Patient Portal to Improve Patient Engagement

Starting this month, St. Luke’s patients will have access to their health information online. Connecting patients to their own health information is a core part of our mission, and this step represents a huge step toward meeting that goal.

What does it mean for Patients?

Patients will now be able to access their medical information, generated at a St. Luke’s facility (or any medical office or facility that joins our eVantage Health initiative) online.

Types of medical information that may be available for viewing are:

  • Laboratory results
  • Hospital documentation (ED notes, discharge summaries, procedure notes)
  • Office visit summaries

Patients will have the ability to engage in their own healthcare through tools that allow them to track progress and communicate electronically with providers.

What does it mean for St. Luke’s employees?

Employees will want to familiarize themselves with the benefits and capabilities of the patient portal so they can communicate effectively with patients. Patients may ask for information regarding access to this service and you will need to direct them to the appropriate resources

Employees also will need to know to direct patients to the eVantageHealth support staff for assistance. This can be done via telephone, email, website, or in person.


St. Luke’s will be providing eLearning sessions for providers, managers and clinical staff to learn more about the eVantageHealth Patient Portal. The eLearning will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of the patient portal
  • Clinical information available to the patient
  • Secure messaging
  • How to contact eVantageHealth for support and questions

For more information contact: Or call 484-526-8893

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