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Published on August 9th, 2017


“Walk With a Doc” Was a Hit in Tamaqua

The first time Dr. Joanne Calabrese led a walk in Tamaqua, more than 75 people joined her.

Along the way — and as part of St. Luke’s University Health Network’s “Walk with a Doc” event — Calabrese answered walkers’ health-related questions.

The event was so well received that another will be held beginning at 6 pm Aug. 17 from the St. Luke’s Internal Medicine Office, 120 Pine St., Tamaqua.

And while “Walk With a Doc” is new to Tamaqua, the health network has held similar walks from its campuses over the last few years.

“‘Walk with a Doc’ is a great opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals while getting those crucial steps in,” explained network spokeswoman Kerri Quick. “At St. Luke’s we ‘walk the talk’ of preventive lifestyle health — to promote the fact that something as simple as walking every day can dramatically reduce the risk of most chronic diseases.”

Quick explained that at each event, the doctor gives a brief talk about a health topic. Participants then walk, talk and ask questions.

“Community members have asked their doctors recommendations on how best to live a healthy life and steps they can take each day to improve their overall health and wellness,” she said.

At the conclusion, walkers enjoy a healthy snack, such as the fruits and vegetables that will be offered in Tamaqua. Blood pressure screenings will also be available.

Quick noted that the American Heart Association has found that walking has the lowest “dropout” rate of any physical activity. The association also notes that it’s easier on the joints than running. Furthermore, it is safe — with a doctor’s okay — for those with orthopedic ailments or heart conditions and for those who are more than 20 percent overweight.

To reserve a space in the Tamaqua walk, email Quick at kerriquick@sluhn.org.

In addition, Dr. Elizabeth Perilli will lead a walk Aug. 28 at the Panther Valley Stadium in Lansford.

“Walk with a Doc” occurs throughout the year and specific dates and times can be found by visiting the activity calendar at

go.activecalendar.com/sluhn or by calling info link at 1-866-STLUKES.

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