Published on July 7th, 2017

Ambulatory EEG Reminder Regarding Orders, Reimbursement

When ordering an ambulatory EEG, the patient must have had a routine EEG done within 12 months of the ambulatory EEG study. If the routine study is greater than 12 months, the routine study must be repeated before an ambulatory study can be done. If the patient had a routine study done at another institution within the 12 month period, a copy of the study must be provided.

We are currently going through all the ambulatory EEG studies that are currently scheduled. You will be notified if we do not have a current routine EEG on file. You will need to write a new order for the routine study and contact the patient to schedule the routine study and reschedule the ambulatory study. Moving forward, before placing an order for the ambulatory EEG you need to confirm that you have a current routine EEG.

We will be adding this information to the orders in Allscripts and EPIC.

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