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Published on July 17th, 2017


Area’s Largest Independent Urology Practice to Join St. Luke’s

Bethlehem, PA (07/11/2017) – St. Luke’s University Health Network and Urology Specialists of the Lehigh Valley (USLV) are pleased to announce that USLV has joined the network, adding seven physicians and approximately 60 employees to the St. Luke’s family.

USLV was the largest independent urology group in the Lehigh Valley. In the past seven years, it screened nearly 1,500 men at free screening events, diagnosing over 150 cases of prostate cancer.

“The physicians of USLV are well known and respected for their years of experience in the urology field, particularly in the area of prostate cancer,” said Frank J. Tamarkin, MD, SLUHN section chief of urology. “We are pleased to add these exceptional care providers to our ranks.”

USLV is known for its award-winning advertising campaigns, which used witty messaging to increase awareness of potential urologic problems, especially prostate cancer. For example, USLV’s “pee-cal” campaign uses decals cleverly placed INSIDE the urinals at the Iron Pigs stadium, Coca Cola Park.

With the addition of USLV, St. Luke’s Center for Urology is now the largest urology practice within the Lehigh Valley, with 12 urologists, four physician assistants and three certified nurse practitioners.

“Our affiliation with St. Luke’s will enable us to enhance the already high quality clinical services and excellent customer services upon which we have built our reputation,” said Paul M. Berger, MD, president of USLV. “We selected St. Luke’s as a partner because it is committed to providing quality care and an outstanding patient experience.”

Care providers joining the St. Luke’s Center for Urology are:

  • Paul M. Berger, MD
  • Jeffrey L. Gevirtz, MD
  • Brian P. Murphy, MD
  • Daniel M. Silverberg, MD
  • Richard M. Lieberman, MD
  • Joseph G. Trapasso, MD
  • Stephanie Marie Meehan, MS, PA-C
  • Denise Martinez, MSN, CRNP
  • Debra Kramer, MSN, CRNP

Radiation oncologist Mark E. Alden, MD, will continue to treat cancer patients requiring radiation at the urology practice’s Allentown location, 5018 Medical Center Circle, and will be supported by St. Luke’s-affiliated Advanced Radiation Oncology Associates, including Drs. David Andolino, Nicholas Cardiges, Grace Fan, Camilio Alcoseba and Nimisha Deb.

The relationship with St. Luke’s will offer expanded access to urology services in Bethlehem and Quakertown. While the Kutztown office will be closing, St. Luke’s is in the process of identifying new office locations in New Tripoli and Hamburg.

In addition to Dr. Tamarkin, other physicians of St. Luke’s Center for Urology are:

  • Zachariah Goldsmith, MD
  • Kaveh Kousari, MD
  • Eric Mayer, MD
  • Zachary Piotrowski, MD
  • Jarrod E. Rosenthal, MD
  • Nicole M. Nye, CRNP
  • Kimberly Polizzano, PA-C
  • Katlyn Rossowski, PA-C
  • Krista Verdi, PA-C

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