Committee Meeting Dates and CME Activity Leader Expectations

CME Activity Leader Roles and Responsibilities

  • Applying for CME:
    1. Send all requests for CME to J.P. Orlando, Ed.D at [email protected].
    2. Application forms, disclosure forms, professional practice gap examples, videos, and objectives guidelines can be accessed here.
    3. All CME activities require measures of effectiveness beyond post activity evaluations and tests (such as clinical outcomes.)
    4. St Luke’s CME Committee approves all CME requests.
    5. All CME applications must be fully completed and submitted to the CME Office at least 7 days (1 week) before a CME Committee meeting and before the event occurs.
    6. CME Committee 2017 Meeting Schedule, Estes Building, 2nd Floor, Conference Room A at 7:30 am:
      • January 30
      • February 27
      • March 27
      • April 24
      • May 29
      • June 19
      • July 31
      • August 28
      • September 25
      • October 30
      • November 27
      • December 18
    7. CME Activity Leaders must present their request application to the CME Committee.
  • Upon receiving APPROVAL and AFTER each activity:
    • All Speaker Disclosure must be received by CME Office at least 7 days (1 week) prior to the event when a speaker is on St. Luke’s Medical Staff, and 14 days (2 weeks) if a speaker is NOT on St. Luke’s Medical Staff. In addition, the CV is required for all speakers NOT on St. Luke’s Medical Staff.
    • Resolve all declared speaker conflicts prior to an activity by following the “Conflict Resolution Policy and Form
    • For video conferencing between campuses, contact Andrew Sposili, AV Field Support Tech at 484-526-2093
    • After each activity, all evaluations, attendance sheets, learning objectives, and speaker introduction forms must be submitted to the CME Office within 7 days (1 week) in order for attendees to be awarded CME credit.
    • All CME activities administered and CME attendance registered in MyLearning (LMS) system. Once registered, attendees receive a post-activity evaluation to complete in order to obtain credit.
    • After each activity, send all CME paperwork to Jenin Elhindi via email at [email protected] or fax at 484-526-6450 or call at 484-526-2392 to make arrangements to drop off at Estes Building, 800 Ostrum Street, Bethlehem, PA.
    • All CME activities require a progress report to the CME Committee on the impact of your program.
  •  If you anticipate Commercial Support and/or Exhibitor Payments:
    • If a company is supporting your event with an educational grant, the complete name of the company, address, representative’s name, telephone number and email must be provided. ONLY, the CME office or CME designee will contact the representative to complete a “Commercial Support Letter of Agreement”.
    • If a company wants to purchase exhibit space during your event, the complete name of the company, address, representative’s name, telephone number and email must be provided. ONLY, the CME office or CME designee will contact the representative to complete an “Exhibitor Letter of Agreement”.   Exhibitor payments are NOT considered commercial support.
    • ALL agreements with companies must be signed by the CME office or CME designee.
    • ALL agreements must be fully executed at least ONE WEEK prior to the activity.
    • ALL educational grants and exhibitor payments will be deposited in (and expenses paid out of) St Luke’s CME Account.
    • ALL educational grants or department funds earmarked to pay CME Speakers must be deposited or transferred into St. Luke’s CME Account, so that ALL honorariums and expenses can be paid by the CME Office.
    • ALL brochures and advertising must be received and approved by the CME office at least 14 days (2 weeks) PRIOR to publication launch date. They must contain the approved Pennsylvania Medical Society Statements.

Failure to follow these guidelines can adversely impact St Luke’s accreditation status as a CME Provider. Thus, for CME Activity Leaders, failure to follow these guidelines may result in no longer being able to submit for CME credits.

Continuing Medical Education Committee

  • Dr. Robert Langan, MD (co-chair)
  • Dr. J.P. Orlando, Ed.D (co-chair)
  • Dr. Roderick Quiros, MD
  • Maria Collete, MLS
  • Dr. Israel Zighelboim, MD
  • Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, MD
  • Dr. Christopher Sarnoski, MD
  • Joan Snyder, RN