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Published on February 3rd, 2016


Epic Clinical Question Line

Questions about a specific workflow in Epic? Curious about certain Epic functions?

The Epic Clinical Question Line is open February 2 and will be in service for the next 4 weeks from 7 am – 7 pm. To reach a representative at the Epic Clinical Question Line pleases call: 484-526-3338 option 7.

This service line is for questions like:

  • If I choose this button what will happen to my documentation?
  • I have a question on how to administer blood. Can you walk me through the steps in Epic?
  • When I document vitals in Rover it erases the prior vitals. Why does this happen?

This service line is NOT for questions or requests like:

  • Why is my computer not working?
  • I cannot print to my normal printer, can you help?
  • I need to reset my password
  • I have a question about Allscripts (including other applications other than Epic)
  • I cannot log into to My E-learning to complete my Epic training.
  • I need to change my Epic security access?

If you call this line with a request for changes in the Epic system your call will be rerouted back to our normal help desk to be processed.

The Epic Clinical Question Line is geared toward answering clinical workflow inquiries.

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