Published on October 20th, 2017

Healing Begins Here – Chrissie’s Story

When Chrissie was told she had breast cancer, she thought “Okay, this is my time. I need a plan.” Through grace, grit and a purely positive outlook, Chrissie fought Stage 3 breast cancer head on.

When Chrissie, 51, of Center Valley, heard the words “breast cancer” from her doctor, there was no time for sadness, anger, grief or any of the other possible emotions one might experience upon hearing that kind of news. For Chrissie, calculating next steps and formulating an action plan was top of mind from that first diagnosis. After all, that is how she handles any challenge or obstacle that comes her way and her illness was no exception. And she found just the right team at St. Luke’s Cancer Center to help her overcome the monumental obstacle that had been thrown in her way – a doctor who wanted her to fight cancer just as much as she did. And with Lee Riley, MD and Chrissie teaming up, cancer didn’t stand a chance!

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