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Published on April 15th, 2020

St. Lukeʼs Warren Participates Successfully in Experimental COVID-19 Plasma Trial

Seeking Plasma Donors.

A COVID-19 patient who was on a ventilator at St. Lukeʼs Warren Campus is on the road to recovery after successful extubation that followed an experimental blood plasma treatment.

The patient’s treatment was part of a nationwide expanded access treatment protocol overseen by the Mayo Clinic. Convalescent plasma (the liquid part of blood) from a person who recovered from COVID-19 contains antibodies that may provide a powerful boost to someone else fighting the viral infection.

“Our Warren Campus is proud to be part of St. Lukeʼs University Health Network’s participation in this national effort to develop a COVID-19 treatment,” said St. Lukeʼs Warren Campus President Scott R. Wolfe. “It exemplifies the importance of ingenuity and perseverance to support the heroic, life-saving work of our physicians, nurses and other caregivers.”

Convalescent plasma has a long track record, having been used as a treatment during the Spanish Flu, SARS an Ebola outbreaks. More recently, it appeared to be helpful in a small study of COVID-19 patients from China.

“St. Lukeʼs participation in this blood plasma trial will help advance the medical community’s understanding of how best to treat COVID-19 patients,” St. Lukeʼs Infectious Disease Section Chief Dr. Peter Ender said. “Because of the lack of proven treatments for this life-threatening infection, novel approaches are needed.” Have you or your loved one contracted COVID-19? YOU CAN HELP!

“In order for the convalescent plasma program to be successful and allow us to help the greatest number of patients, we really need the help of all of our recovered patients,” St. Lukeʼs Anesthesiologist Eric Tesoriero, DO, said.

Every day is a good day to donate blood and help save a life, but if you are a COVID-19 recoveree, your community has never needed you more! If you think you may be a candidate for donation, please contact Liz Nivar at St. Lukeʼs Pulmonary and Critical Care Associates (484-503-0350). One of our providers will complete the paperwork necessary for Miller-Keystone Blood Center to proceed.

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