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Published on June 26th, 2020

St. Luke’s Miners Awards Scholarships to Mentorship Program Students

St. Luke’s Miners Campus recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to five students from their Mentorship Program.

Scholarship winners and their mentors are:

  • Emily Papa, Shenandoah Valley High School – mentored by Kira Johnson, RN
  • Crystal Morales, Shenandoah Valley High School – mentored by Christina Green, RN
  • Cara Lake, Marian Catholic High School – mentored by Rosemarie Lister, MPH
  • Sam Quick, Mahanoy Area High School – mentored by Micah Gursky
  • Hailey Harvilla, Panther Valley High School – mentored by Anne Machalik, RN

St. Luke’s Miners Campus launched a mentorship program this year in which five local high schools selected students interested in pursuing a career in the health field to be paired with a mentor from the hospital. The mentors are encouraged to develop a relationship with the students and talk with them about education and career paths.

This year, the mentorship program was also tied into the St. Luke’s Miners Campus scholarship program. Upon completion of the mentorship, five students of 15 in the program were awarded a $1,000 scholarship based on participation, engagement, feedback from the mentors and a brief essay.

“Congratulations to all our mentorship program students, especially to our five scholarship winners,” says Micah Gursky, director of business development and government relations, St. Luke’s Miners Campus. “Our mentors enjoyed each student who participated in the program and are so pleased to have created valuable experiences and lasting mentorship relationships.”

“It’s our privilege to host and mentor these remarkable students from our local high schools,” says Wendy Lazo, president, St. Luke’s Miners Campus. “This program provides an opportunity for students to gain a ‘behind the scenes’ appreciation of what occurs in health care. We want to establish long-standing relationships with our mentees, provide support to them through their educational journey and hopefully, employ them one day.”

Emily Papa, from Shenandoah Valley High School, mentored by nurse Kira Johnson, is planning on using her St. Luke’s scholarship to attain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Penn State Schuylkill. “Receiving the St. Luke’s scholarship is an incredible honor and the mentorship program was an unforgettable experience,” says Emily. “I always felt comfortable and welcome among the nurses and staff, so it was a great environment in which to learn.”

Emily says that the mentorship program not only gave her valuable insight into her career path, but also provided her with lifelong connections that she’s sure will help her along the way. “One day, I hope to work with the wonderful people I’ve met at St. Luke’s,” continues Emily. “The mentorship and scholarship programs have helped me get one step closer to my dream of becoming a registered nurse.”

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