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Published on July 23rd, 2018

St. Luke’s Nationally Recognized for Surgical Research in FY‘18

St. Luke’s University Health Network has received extensive recognition at national surgical conferences for its accomplishments in surgery-related research during the past year. St. Luke’s residents and faculty members published more than 75 scholarly articles during the academic year – one of the best performances in the history of our Network. Moreover, our residents have successfully matched to some of the best fellowship programs in the country!

“The fact that an ever growing number of residents, students and faculty have been invited to present at major gatherings of researchers is a testament to the quality of the research in which residents and students are actively involved,” said Brian Hoey, MD, program director, General Surgery Residency. “Participation in research projects not only expands the knowledge of our residents and students, but also brings cutting edge treatments to our community.”

Other faculty members, as well as residents, students and faculty were recognized at various conferences:

  • General surgery resident Ashley Jordan, MD, gave a podium presentation at the 2017 Association of Women Surgeons Conference, October 21-24, in San Diego, CA.
  • General surgery resident Hillman Terzian, MD, gave a podium presentation at the 2017 American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress in San Diego, CA, October 22-26.
  • General surgery resident Heidi Hon, MD, completed her term as the Chair of the Resident and Associate Society of the American College of Surgeons (RAS-ACS) Membership Committee.
  • Stanislaw P. Stawicki, MD, Network Chair of Research & Innovation, represented St. Luke’s at the 2017 ACS Clinical Congress as a member of the American College of Surgeons Surgical Research Committee (SRC). This leadership group helps shape the national research agenda for the College.
  • Bariatric surgeon Maher El Chaar, MD, led theSt. Luke’s contingent at the 2017 Obesity Week in Washington, DC, where general surgery residents, including Ellyn A. Smith, MD, and Dr. Hon, along with St. Luke’s/Temple medical students, gave high impact presentations on various bariatric surgery topics.
  • Charles Lee, Pharm. D., a St. Luke’s/Temple Medical School student, presented a paper entitled, Preoperative CHA2DS2-VASc Score Predicts Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation After Lobectomy at the 2017 Southern Thoracic Association meeting in San Antonio, TX. The project was conducted under the direction of William R. Burfeind, Jr., MD, Chair of the Department of Surgery. Other Temple/St. Luke’s medical students involved were David Strauss and Lauren Stone. St. Luke’s faculty contributing to this important project included Jill C. Stoltzfus, PhD.

In addition, several physicians and residents presented at the Academic Surgical Congress in Jacksonville, FL in January. More than 1,000 scientific abstracts were submitted. The high quality of the four abstracts that St. Luke’s submitted earned the “Best Average Score of Accepted Abstracts” – an honor equaled only by University of Michigan, placing St. Luke’s  ahead of all other TOP medical institutions in the country. The St. Luke’s team included the following presenters, projects and investigative teams:

  • Anthony CiprianoMD, presented Less Telemetry, Better Outcomes: University Network Implementation of Safety Net Monitoring System. Team members included Christopher Roscher, MD, Aldo Carmona, MD, and Jaclyn Rowbotham, MD.
  • Ashley Jordan, MD, presented Indicators of Shock in Trauma: Anything is Better than Nothing, but Lactate is Best. Team members included Hillman Terzian, MDThomas Wojda, MD, Marissa Cohen, MD, Joshua Luster and Jacqueline Seoane (both Temple/St. Luke’s), Philip Salen, MD, and Holly Stankewicz, MD.
  • Hillman Terzian, MD presented Intravenous Plus Inhaled Colistin versus Intravenous Monotherapy for Multi-Resistant Gram-Negative Pneumonia.Team members included Livia Bratis, DO, Mohamed Turki, MD, Neha Civic, PharmD, and Claire Murphy, PharmD (Ohio State University).
  • Rodrigo Duarte-Chavez, MD, presented Fecal Microbiota Transplant Protocol Implementation: A Community-Based University Hospital Experience. Team members included Thomas Wojda, MD, Berhanu Geme, MD, and Gloria Fioravanti, DO. (Dr. Duarte-Chavez will be a member of the inaugural class of the St. Luke’s Gastroenterology Fellowship.)

Finally, during the 2018 academic year, our General Surgery residents had one of the best National Fellowship Match performances in history of St. Luke’s. Anthony Cipriano, MD, (PGY-4) matched at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, where he will be pursuing a Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship. Heidi Hon, MD, (PGY-5) matched into a highly competitive Plastic Surgery program at University of Nebraska in Omaha; Brian Wernick, MD,(PGY-5) matched into highly competitive Vascular Surgery position at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois; and Ronnie Mubang, MD, (PGY-5) will be going to Vanderbilt University in Nashville,Tennessee to specialize in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care.

Photo Caption: [Left] Dr. W. T. Hillman Terzian, PGY 4 General Surgery Resident, presenting at the American College of Surgeons; [Right] Dr. Charles T. Lee, Temple/St. Luke’s Medical Student, presenting at the Southern Thoracic Surgery Association.

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