Allentown News

Published on May 8th, 2020

St. Luke’s Nurse Honored at White House

Allen Zelno of the Parish Nursing program at St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus participated Wednesday in a Nursing Day ceremony at the White House. Zelno, who was nominated by the Catholic Medical Association to attend the ceremony led by President Trump, was one of eight nurses selected.

“I am overwhelmed with this show of support for healthcare workers on the frontline, and I’m humbled to find that nurses especially are being thanked with such generosity,” said Zelno. “Yesterday was surreal, and it’s an experience I will remember forever.”

The Parish Nurse program blends faith ministry with nursing, and through his role, Zelno primarily serves the homeless and poor in the urban core of Allentown.

“I’m thankful to my fellow nurses for their teamwork, without which I cannot serve the patients in need,” Zelno said. “I was proud to represent St. Luke’s at a National level.”

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