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Published on December 6th, 2017


St. Luke’s Sponsors Giraffe Barn to House Second Giraffe!

The Lehigh Valley Zoo, a St. Luke&rsquols University Health Network partner, announced today that Tatu, a 20 month old giraffe, arrived safely on Tuesday, October 28, 2017. Born on Ground Hog Day (Feb. 2) 2016, Tatu is approaching 2-years old and was recommended to be moved from Greenville Zoo in South Carolina to the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville.

St. Luke&rsquols sponsored the barn that houses Tatu and Murphy, another giraffe that arrived at the zoo earlier this year.

Tatu made the 650-mile trek from Greenville in an extra tall trailer. “To ensure a smooth transition from the Greenville Zoo, we worked together to secure experienced drivers who specialize in large animal transportation for zoos nationwide.” Said Melissa Borland, CEO/President of the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Being that Tatu and Murphy are not familiar with each other, Animal Care staff have worked with leading professionals in the zoo industry to create a successful integration plan between Tatu and Murphy. All interactions are progressing as planned. Members of the Animal Care Team are providing round the clock care, with rotating shifts spending the night sleeping in the barn. Lehigh Valley Zoo General Curator reports: “Our Tatu is doing great, and is already bonding with the keepers over his favorite treats of kale and grain.” Murphy and Tatu will be introduced gradually over the next several weeks.

Congratulations to the Lehigh Valley Zoo!

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